Yossi Abadi is one of the most renown opinion leaders in Latin America. The Israeli businessman has currently positioned himself as one the most influential investors in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Caribbean, promoting businesses in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

TENLOT Group, international lottery operator founded by the Israeli billionaire Jacob Engel, has been activated in different countries around the world, and has entered Central America with great private investments. Thanks to the use of high technology, the operations are completely transparent; however, Abadi has given a more interesting twist to the industry by adding value and social sense by leading the concept of lottery as a platform for social development and humanitarian support. To his opinion, it is not only about looking for business opportunities that generate profit, but also looking for a transforming axle projects for society. "There is nothing more sacred that the blessing of being able to help others”, stated Abadi on a special interview for Forbes. "The Tikum Olam concept of Judaism meaning "repairing the world” guides me day by day”, he added.


Yossi Abadi sees potential and an opportunity to be taken in this region. Although many investors would rather play it safely and bet on more developed countries, the truth is Abadi detects that countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, are experiencing great transformations which broaden the attractiveness of investments and the legal security. "At the end of the day, what any investors looks for is legal security of their investment, especially when their home is located 13.000 km away”, Abadi says.

From his point of view, "the best component Central America can import from Israel is its entrepreneurial spirit.” The israeli attorney also describes this as a conceptual platform transforming the youth into a group of dreamers that are not afraid of change, moving on, and take risks. "Israel turned its desert into the most fertile land and its fears into opportunities, thanks to those who dared thinking differently, going after an objective when others saw no possibilities”, Abadi emphasized.

According to the businessman, "Latin American people, young people specifically, have a splendid spirit. They just need a little push and to be reminded that failure is just another step to get to success”.

For this to become a reality it is necessary to form an alliance between governments and the private industry in order to generate an innovative atmosphere and to create greenhouses of ideas. According to Abadi, "there should be a real interest from governments to build productive generations and transform their GDP, while the private industry should bet on the development of companies that generate profit but also a positive impact in the life of their collaborators and community”.

Countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and Dominican Republic have developed different innovation technology centers with great results. "However,” says Abadi, "there are no similar projects in the center  of the continent, and this should be a regional goal”.

"We need to promote an innovation Technology Center that creates a community that leads forward. This will not only add value to the leading country but also to the neighboring nations as well. It is important to develop a new technological environment in the heart of the continent. A place that provides the tools, infrastructure, and facilities for new generations. These centers will educate and foster new talents by providing a space where high-technology growth may be sped up”, shared the businessman.


The businessman highlighted that there is a similarity between the Israeli and Latin American people. Both countries count with warm people, high spirits, family values, faith, and a great desire to break barriers, dream big, and moving forward.

"We came into the region because not only do we believe in the countries where we invest, but on the people themselves. What makes a company successful is its people. With a dedicated team, the road to success is a lot closer!”, he stated.

Israel and Latin America have a great history of alliance and collaboration. Israel has always been known for its world reference in national security and agricultural technology. But, according to Abadi, "this last world crisis of COVID-19, in which Israel stood out because of its absolute world success, has made evident the importance of Israeli technological advances in the health sector”.

"We are living a revolution in the world of HealthTech, which highlights the importance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence as key strategic tools for the States. I believe the coming years will be the years of digital modernization in the health area. It is part of the national security in every State”, he concluded.

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