Responsible Gaming

Tenlot Group practices Responsible Gaming to ensure that its lottery and gaming operations uphold the highest standards to ensure a lawful, fair and safe gaming experience and to protect players from the adverse consequences of gaming and gambling. This requires close cooperation with the company´s lottery and gaming operators, service providers, vendors and affiliates. 

Tenlot practices transparency and fair practices in its business dealings and complies with the tax, legal and regulatory obligations in each of the countries in which it operates. And, in cooperation with its partners, the company practices ethical and responsible marketing, in compliance with international standards.

The company ensures that its machines, sites, software and payment vehicles are equipped with safety measures to prevent criminal activity, fixing or interference with results and other unethical behavior. All digital systems incorporate the most advanced software to protect information privacy and payment protection. All suspicious activities reported to our organization or detected through our digital infrastructure are investigated immediately and measures are taken to protect individuals and system vulnerabilities. Most commonly associated with the lottery and gambling industry are instances of vulnerable gamblers: those whose activity leads to gambling addiction, including individuals working at points of sale where they have continuous access to gambling, and underage gambling. 

Tenlot works closely with regulators in countries in which it operates lotteries and gaming, as well as with retailers and partners, to identify and limit the activities of individuals who use the games to the detriment of themselves and their families. 

There is more that can be done to ensure Responsible Gaming practices, through greater education, monitoring of suspicious or excessive use of games and point-of-sale machines, and the establishment of organizations specializing in treating those who have been affected by addiction to gambling. Tenlot will continue to support such efforts, as well as those within its own network. 

To request more information or to issue a suggestion or complaint, please Contact Us at the Tenlot regional office nearest you.