“We managed to give the lottery a true social meaning”

(Exclusive interview).- Yossi Abadi, CEO at Tenlot Group, speaks with Focus Gaming News about the current state of the industry and the company.Tenlot Group has recently positioned itself as one of the companies drawing the most interest in the gaming industry.

From its social focus and community support, to its decision to invest in development markets, Tenlot has turned many heads.Yossi Abadi, CEO at Tenlot Group, has emerged as a promoter of both innovation and social causes in the markets where the group operates. In a special interview with Focus Gaming News, Abadi analyses the situation in the Latin American market and opens a window onto the group´s business vision.

In addition to Europe and Asia, Tenlot has a presence in Africa and Central America, where it´s preparing to expand. How do you choose the markets in which to operate? Are you aiming at any particular new market?

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