Jacob Engel
Chairman, Tenlot Group
Born: Croatia, 1949
Billionaire Industrialist

Our Vision

Growing up in an immigrant family, where we took nothing for granted and everything was not handed to us, was an important factor in my life. It showed me just how important it is to have a goal and work hard for it. 

Although there are many opportunities in global capitals, I sought my fortune in places that were not yet developed. In each new market, I cultivated relationships, ensured the financial viability of our projects and succeeded – sometimes against the odds. Over time, we established diverse businesses in mining, real estate, infrastructure, innovative technologies, gaming and entertainment, and others.

In addition to identifying vast potential for creating partnerships and profitable businesses, I met many people who want more from life – they want better education, they want to give their children a better future and to care for their aging parents. 

It became my passion to find business opportunities that also enable me to have a positive impact on society and the people who work in our organization. 

Tenlot is a business that emerged to address the needs of our business partners – governments, investors, and even employees – to generate profits from which a portion is earmarked for the benefit of society. Through the gaming industry, which is thriving around the globe, we create jobs and train our staff in diverse disciplines, stimulate economies and invest a portion of all profits in institutions that will contribute to the lives of citizens in the countries they operate.

I am proud to have made investments that are now worth billions of dollars and to work with people who are ambitious, competent and motivated to impact change for the better. 

It is important to me that all the people I work with - our team and the partners who help us realize our vision - will succeed and prosper.

In cooperation with my experienced team, we are committed to creating a positive impact on the societies in which we work, far beyond the investments in projects… but through the investments in people.