TENLOT Safeguard

The regulatory landscape has been growing massively in the last 15 years and traceability has become a key element in order to ensure a well-regulated gaming market. 
TENLOT Safeguard offers gaming regulators a complete industry monitoring environment, intended to assure compliance of the licensed operators.

Monitoring, the Key to Compliance
TENLOT Safeguard is a leading gaming industry monitoring platform, which provides regulatory authorities with crucial compliance assurance tools, such as real-time monitoring of operations of the gaming licensees (sales, wins, bonuses, charge backs, etc.), anti-money laundering and anti-fraud tracking, consumer protection, responsible gaming policy and tax compliance, among others.

Made to Measure
Each gaming jurisdiction has vastly different laws and regulations. TENLOT Safeguard´s system architecture is built to accommodate all the monitoring needs of a regulator, adjusted to the specific regulatory framework and the respective gaming market. Reports, monitoring tools, third-party integrations, user accesses, etc. are configured for each project.

Cost Effective One-Stop-Shop
Data traceability can be very complex due to the volume of the traffic, the variety of different game types (Lotto, Sport, Casino…) and the growing amount of gaming operators. This has a big impact on cost and time and requires expertise in key decisions such as data format, server location, backup location, certifications, secure storage, data retention policies, etc. Having one focal point for all collected data enables big data analysis, financial optimization, fraud prevention and enforcement of laws and regulations in a cost-effective manner.